At Life Star Hopsital, we give a far reaching scope of clinical administrations, including perioperative anesthesia services, critical care medicine, and pain medicine. Our patients get propelled restorative care gave by exceptionally prepared and gifted clinicians. Our rationality has dependably been to work with a multidisciplinary group approach.

  • General anesthesia.
  • • In General anesthesia you will unconscious during complete medical procedures. Patient don't fill anything and can't remember anything what happened..

    • It will make you sleep which is different from regular sleep. In this sleep patient brain doesn't respond to pain or surgical manipulations..

  • Types of Anesthesia
  • • General Anesthesia : When Patient is not conscious.

    • Regional Anesthesia: makes an infusion close to a group of nerves to numb the region of your body that requires surgery..